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Internet Connection Sharing and Internet Connection Firewall Interfaces

[Internet Connection Firewall may be altered or unavailable in subsequent versions. Instead, use the Windows Firewall API.]

The ICS/ICF API exposes the following interfaces.

Interface Purpose
IEnumNetSharingEveryConnection Enumerates all connections in connections folder.
IEnumNetSharingPortMapping Enumerates port mappings.
IEnumNetSharingPrivateConnection Enumerates privately-shared connections.
IEnumNetSharingPublicConnection Enumerates publicly-shared connections.
INetConnection Primary interface for network connection object.
INetConnectionProps Retrieves the properties for a connection.
INetSharingConfiguration Configures connection sharing, firewall, and port mappings.
INetSharingEveryConnectionCollection Collection interface for all connections.
INetSharingManager Primary interface for the Manager object.
INetSharingPortMapping Interface for port mapping.
INetSharingPortMappingCollection Collection interface for port mappings.
INetSharingPortMappingProps Retrieve and set properties for a connection port mapping.
INetSharingPrivateConnectionCollection Collection interface for privately-shared connections.
INetSharingPublicConnectionCollection Collection interface for publicly-shared connections.


Internet Connection Sharing Reference