change-not-reimported Element

The <change-not-reimported> element contains information about an exported change that was not confirmed on reimport.





Child Elements

Element Description


The delta that Microsoft Identity Integration ServerĀ 2003 tried to push out to the connected data source on the last export run.


The import hologram of what is in the connected data source based on the information that Identity Integration Server received from the connected data source during the last import run.

Parent Elements



Child Element Sequence

The tree shows the ordering and number of child elements. Child elements in a Sequence must appear in the order given and child elements in a Choice are mutually exclusive. Sequences and Choices can be nested. Element names are followed by the minimum and maximum occurrences.

    delta (Exactly 1)
    import (Exactly 1)


This element appears only for the <error-type> element value, "exported-change-not-reimported".

Element Information

Can be empty No

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Build date: 2/16/2009