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IMASynchronization Interface

The IMASynchronization interface is implemented by a Microsoft Identity Integration Server rules extension to provide rules extension functionality for a management agent.

The IMASynchronization interface is derived from the System.Object class.

Public Methods

The IMASynchronization interface has the following public methods.

Method Description

Called when a metaverse entry is deleted and the connector space entries connected to the metaverse entry become disconnector objects.


Determines if a connector CSEntry object will be disconnected. A connector CSEntry object is disconnected when a delta export matches a filter or if the filter rules are changed and the new filter criteria for disconnecting an object are met.


Initializes the rules extension object.


Called to map attributes from a metaverse entry to a connector space entry.


Called to map attributes from a connector space entry to a metaverse entry.


Called to generate a list of values based upon the CSEntry attribute values that will be used to search the metaverse.


Called when a join rule is configured to use a rules extension to resolve conflicts and one or more results from a metaverse search matches the values generated from the IMASynchronization.MapAttributesForJoin method.


Called to determine if a new metaverse entry should be created when a new connector space entry does not join to a metaverse entry.


Called when the rules extension object is no longer needed.


Product ILM 2007 FP1
Namespace Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices
Assembly Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices
.NET Framework .NET Framework 2.0

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Build date: 2/16/2009