Utils.FindMVEntries Method

The FindMVEntries (String, Byte[]) method is a static method that retrieves the metaverse entries with the specified byte array attribute value.


public MVEntry[] FindMVEntries(
  String attributeName,
  Byte[] value
Public Function FindMVEntries( _
  ByVal attributeName As String, _
  ByVal value() As Byte _
) As MVEntry[]


  • attributeName
    Contains the name of the metaverse attribute to retrieve.

  • value
    Contains an array of bytes that the attribute identified by attributeName must contain.

Return Value

Returns an array of MVEntry objects that represent the metaverse entries found in the search.


Exception type Condition

The attributeName or value parameter is null.


The value represented by the value parameter cannot be converted to the data type of the attribute identified by attributeName.


This method will throw an InvalidOperationException exception and the management agent run profile will stop and throw the stopped-extension-dll-exception if called from the following methods:

For more information about the stopped-extension-dll-exception, see WMI Provider Return Strings.


Product ILM 2007 FP1
Namespace Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices
Assembly Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices
.NET Framework .NET Framework 2.0

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Build date: 2/16/2009