Windows Data Access Components PowerShell Commands

PowerShell commands have been added to help you manage ODBC data sources, ODBC drivers, ODBC Performance Counter, and data access tracing at the command line. For more information about the WDAC PowerShell commands, see the PowerShell reference documentation on TechNet for the following commands:

  • Wdac.Add-OdbcDsn

  • Wdac.Disable-OdbcPerfCounter

  • Wdac.Disable-WdacBidTrace

  • Wdac.Enable-OdbcPerfCounter

  • Wdac.Enable-WdacBidTrace

  • Wdac.Get-OdbcDriver

  • Wdac.Get-OdbcDsn

  • Wdac.Get-OdbcPerfCounter

  • Wdac.Get-WdacBidTrace

  • Wdac.Remove-OdbcDsn

  • Wdac.Set-OdbcDriver

  • Wdac.Set-OdbcDsn