RASPBDLG structure

The RASPBDLG structure is used with the RasPhonebookDlg function to specify additional input and output parameters.


typedef struct tagRASPBDLG {
  IN  DWORD        dwSize;
  IN  HWND         hwndOwner;
  IN  DWORD        dwFlags;
  IN  LONG         xDlg;
  IN  LONG         yDlg;
  IN  ULONG PTR    dwCallbackId;
  OUT DWORD        dwError;
  IN  ULONG_PTR    reserved;
  IN  ULONG_PTR    reserved2;


  • dwSize
    Specifies the size of this structure, in bytes. Before calling RasPhonebookDlg, set this member to sizeof(RASPBDLG) to indicate the version of the structure. If dwSize is not a valid size, RasPhonebookDlg fails and sets the dwError member to ERROR_INVALID_SIZE.

  • hwndOwner
    Specifies the window that owns the modal RasPhonebookDlg dialog box. This member can be any valid window handle, or it can be NULL if the dialog box has no owner.

  • dwFlags
    A set of bit flags that indicate the options enabled for the dialog box. This parameter can be a combination of the following values.

    Value Meaning
    RASPBDFLAG_PositionDlg 0x00000001

    Causes RasPhonebookDlg to use the values specified by the xDlg and yDlg members to position the dialog box. If this flag is not set, the dialog box is centered on the owner window, unless hwndOwner is NULL, in which case, the dialog box is centered on the screen.

    RASPBDFLAG_ForceCloseOnDial 0x00000002

    Turns on the close-on-dial option, overriding the user's preference. This option is appropriate with features such as RAS AutoDial where the user's goal is to make a connection immediately.

    RASPBDFLAG_NoUser 0x00000010

    Causes the RasPBDlgFunc callback function specified by the pCallback member to receive a RASPBDEVENT_NoUser notification when the dialog box is starting up. This flag is for use in situations in which there is no logged-on user, as in the WinLogon application. Typically, applications should not use this flag.

    RASPBDFLAG_UpdateDefaults 0x80000000

    Causes the default window position to be saved on exit. This flag is used primarily by RASPHONE.EXE and should not be used by typical applications.


  • xDlg
    Specifies the horizontal screen coordinate of the upper-left corner of the dialog box. This value is used only if the RASPBDFLAG_PositionDlg flag is set.

  • yDlg
    Specifies the vertical screen coordinate of the upper-left corner of the dialog box. This value is used only if the RASPBDFLAG_PositionDlg flag is set.

  • dwCallbackId
    Specifies an application-defined value that is passed to the callback function specified by pCallback. Use dwCallbackId to pass a pointer to application-specific context information.

  • pCallback
    Pointer to a RasPBDlgFunc callback function that receives notifications of user activity while the dialog box is open. This member is NULL if notifications are not required.

  • dwError
    The RasPhonebookDlg function sets this member to a system error code or RAS error code if an error occurs. If no error occurs, the function sets dwError to zero. This value is ignored on input.

  • reserved
    Reserved; must be zero.

  • reserved2
    Reserved; must be zero.


Minimum supported client

Windows 2000 Professional [desktop apps only]

Minimum supported server

Windows 2000 Server [desktop apps only]



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