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Microsoft Management Console 2.0


The goal of Microsoft Management Console (MMC) is to minimize the cost of administering Windows-based environments, and to provide a simple, consistent, and integrated administration user interface and administration model. It also addresses the varying levels of server administration that are possible.

Where applicable

The MMC SDK can be used for writing tools, called snap-ins, for administering Windows-based environments.

Developer audience

MMC snap-ins can be created in any development environment that supports producing COM components.

The MMC SDK documentation shows how to develop snap-ins using C++ or Visual Basic. A familiarity with COM programming fundamentals is required for developing snap-ins in C++.

Run-time requirements

The MMC Snap-in Designer for Visual Basic is required for developing snap-ins in Visual Basic. The Snap-in Designer is included in the Platform Software Development Kit (SDK). MMC 1.2 is available as a redistributable file that can be downloaded from the Platform SDK Redistributables website.

In this section

About MMC

General information about MMC and developing MMC snap-ins.

MMC Versions and Redistributables

General information about MMC versions, MMC localized versions, and MMC redistributables.

MMC Programmer's Guide

Detailed information about developing snap-ins in COM/C++.

MMC Reference

Detailed information about MMC API elements.

MMC Glossary

List of technical terms used in the MMC documentation.

Windows Management Instrumentation