Xml Method

Returns the XML for the feed.


xml = Feed.Xml(count, sortProperty, sortOrder, filterFlags, includeFlags)


count Required. Integer value that specifies the maximum number of items to return. Pass FEEDS_XML_COUNT_MAX to return all the items in the feed.
sortProperty Required. A FEEDS_XML_SORT_PROPERTY value that defines the sort column.
sortOrder Required. A FEEDS_XML_SORT_ORDER value that defines the sort direction.
filterFlags Required. A FEEDS_XML_FILTER_FLAGS value that specifies whether to include items based on read status.
includeFlags Required. A FEEDS_XML_INCLUDE_FLAGS value that specifies whether to include namespace extensions to Really Simple Syndication (RSS) 2.0 in the XML.

Return Value

Returns the XML source for the feed.


If you specify FXSP_NONE in sortProperty, you must also specify FXSO_NONE in sortOrder and vice versa. If these values are not used together, this method will fail.

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