XmlLite Programmer's Guide


The XmlLite class library allows you to use C++ to build high-performance XML-based applications. Applications built with XmlLite provide a high degree of interoperability with other applications that conform to the XML 1.0 standard.

In This Documentation

XmlLite Introduction
Describes what XmlLite is and how to get started using it in your applications.

Installing XmlLite
Provides information about installing the XmlLite runtime file (XmlLite.dll) and development files (Xml.lite.lib and Xmllite.h).

XmlLite Reader Programming Overview
Provides an overview of reading XML using XmlLite.

XmlLite Writer Programming Overview
Provides an overview of writing XML using XmlLite.

Building XmlLite Applications
Describes how to build XmlLite applications.

XmlLite Samples
Provides XmlLite sample applications for various usage scenarios.

XmlLite Security
Provides information about writing XmlLite applications that are more secure.

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