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Error Codes (XmlLite)


This topic provides the XmlLite error codes and their associated symbolic codes and descriptions.

Error Codes

Symbol Hex Code Description
MX_E_INPUTEND 0xC00CEE01 unexpected end of input
MX_E_ENCODING 0xC00CEE02 unrecognized encoding
MX_E_ENCODINGSWITCH 0xC00CEE03 unable to switch the encoding
MX_E_ENCODINGSIGNATURE 0xC00CEE04 unrecognized input signature
WC_E_WHITESPACE 0xC00CEE21 whitespace expected
WC_E_SEMICOLON 0xC00CEE22 semicolon expected
WC_E_GREATERTHAN 0xC00CEE23 '>' expected
WC_E_QUOTE 0xC00CEE24 quote expected
WC_E_EQUAL 0xC00CEE25 equal expected
WC_E_LESSTHAN 0xC00CEE26 well-formedness constraint: no '<' in attribute value
WC_E_HEXDIGIT 0xC00CEE27 hexadecimal digit expected
WC_E_DIGIT 0xC00CEE28 decimal digit expected
WC_E_LEFTBRACKET 0xC00CEE29 '[' expected
WC_E_LEFTPAREN 0xC00CEE2A '(' expected
WC_E_XMLCHARACTER 0xC00CEE2B illegal xml character
WC_E_NAMECHARACTER 0xC00CEE2C illegal name character
WC_E_SYNTAX 0xC00CEE2D incorrect document syntax
WC_E_CDSECT 0xC00CEE2E incorrect CDATA section syntax
WC_E_COMMENT 0xC00CEE2F incorrect comment syntax
WC_E_CONDSECT 0xC00CEE30 incorrect conditional section syntax
WC_E_DECLATTLIST 0xC00CEE31 incorrect ATTLIST declaration syntax
WC_E_DECLDOCTYPE 0xC00CEE32 incorrect DOCTYPE declaration syntax
WC_E_DECLELEMENT 0xC00CEE33 incorrect ELEMENT declaration syntax
WC_E_DECLENTITY 0xC00CEE34 incorrect ENTITY declaration syntax
WC_E_DECLNOTATION 0xC00CEE35 incorrect NOTATION declaration syntax
WC_E_NDATA 0xC00CEE36 NDATA expected
WC_E_PUBLIC 0xC00CEE37 PUBLIC expected
WC_E_SYSTEM 0xC00CEE38 SYSTEM expected
WC_E_NAME 0xC00CEE39 name expected
WC_E_ROOTELEMENT 0xC00CEE3A one root element
WC_E_ELEMENTMATCH 0xC00CEE3B well-formedness constraint: element type match
WC_E_UNIQUEATTRIBUTE 0xC00CEE3C well-formedness constraint: unique attribute spec
WC_E_TEXTXMLDECL 0xC00CEE3D text/xmldecl not at the beginning of input
WC_E_LEADINGXML 0xC00CEE3E leading "xml"
WC_E_TEXTDECL 0xC00CEE3F incorrect text declaration syntax
WC_E_XMLDECL 0xC00CEE40 incorrect xml declaration syntax
WC_E_ENCNAME 0xC00CEE41 incorrect encoding name syntax
WC_E_PUBLICID 0xC00CEE42 incorrect public identifier syntax
WC_E_PESINTERNALSUBSET 0xC00CEE43 well-formedness constraint: pes in internal subset
WC_E_PESBETWEENDECLS 0xC00CEE44 well-formedness constraint: pes between declarations
WC_E_NORECURSION 0xC00CEE45 well-formedness constraint: no recursion
WC_E_ENTITYCONTENT 0xC00CEE46 entity content not well formed
WC_E_UNDECLAREDENTITY 0xC00CEE47 well-formedness constraint: undeclared entity
WC_E_PARSEDENTITY 0xC00CEE48 well-formedness constraint: parsed entity
WC_E_NOEXTERNALENTITYREF 0xC00CEE49 well-formedness constraint: no external entity references
WC_E_PI 0xC00CEE4A incorrect processing instruction syntax
WC_E_SYSTEMID 0xC00CEE4B incorrect system identifier syntax
WC_E_QUESTIONMARK 0xC00CEE4C '?' expected
WC_E_CDSECTEND 0xC00CEE4D no ']]>' in element content
WC_E_MOREDATA 0xC00CEE4E not all chunks of value have been read
WC_E_DTDPROHIBITED 0xC00CEE4F DTD was found but is prohibited
WC_E_INVALIDXMLSPACE 0xC00CEE50 xml:space attribute with invalid value
NC_E_QNAMECHARACTER 0xC00CEE61 illegal qualified name character
NC_E_QNAMECOLON 0xC00CEE62 multiple colons in qualified name
NC_E_NAMECOLON 0xC00CEE63 colon in name
NC_E_DECLAREDPREFIX 0xC00CEE64 declared prefix
NC_E_UNDECLAREDPREFIX 0xC00CEE65 undeclared prefix
NC_E_EMPTYURI 0xC00CEE66 non default namespace with empty uri
NC_E_XMLPREFIXRESERVED 0xC00CEE67 "xml" prefix is reserved and must have the URI
NC_E_XMLNSPREFIXRESERVED 0xC00CEE68 "xmlns" prefix is reserved for use by XML
NC_E_XMLURIRESERVED 0xC00CEE69 xml namespace URI ( must be assigned only to prefix "xml"
NC_E_XMLNSURIRESERVED 0xC00CEE6A xmlns namespace URI ( is reserved and must not be used
SC_E_MAXELEMENTDEPTH 0xc00cee81 element depth exceeds limit in XmlReaderProperty_MaxElementDepth
SC_E_MAXENTITYEXPANSION 0xc00cee82 entity expansion exceeds limit in XmlReaderProperty_MaxEntityExpansion
WR_E_NONWHITESPACE 0xC00CEF01 writer: specified string is not whitespace
WR_E_NSPREFIXDECLARED 0xC00CEF02 writer: namespace prefix is already declared with a different namespace
WR_E_NSPREFIXWITHEMPTYNSURI 0xC00CEF03 writer: It is not allowed to declare a namespace prefix with empty URI (for example xmlns:p=””).
WR_E_DUPLICATEATTRIBUTE 0xC00CEF04 writer: duplicate attribute
WR_E_XMLNSPREFIXDECLARATION 0xC00CEF05 writer: can not redefine the xmlns prefix
WR_E_XMLPREFIXDECLARATION 0xC00CEF06 writer: xml prefix must have the URI
WR_E_XMLURIDECLARATION 0xC00CEF07 writer: xml namespace URI ( must be assigned only to prefix "xml"
WR_E_XMLNSURIDECLARATION 0xC00CEF08 writer: xmlns namespace URI ( is reserved and must not be used
WR_E_NAMESPACEUNDECLARED 0xC00CEF09 writer: namespace is not declared
WR_E_INVALIDXMLSPACE 0xC00CEF0A writer: invalid value of xml:space attribute (allowed values are "default" and "preserve")
WR_E_INVALIDACTION 0xC00CEF0B writer: performing the requested action would result in invalid XML document
WR_E_INVALIDSURROGATEPAIR 0xC00CEF0C writer: input contains invalid or incomplete surrogate pair
XML_E_INVALID_DECIMAL 0xC00CE01D character in character entity is not a decimal digit as was expected.
XML_E_INVALID_HEXIDECIMAL 0xC00CE01E character in character entity is not a hexadecimal digit as was expected.
XML_E_INVALID_UNICODE 0xC00CE01F character entity has invalid Unicode value.


Header: XmlLite.h

Library: XmlLite.lib

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