Program with DOM in VBScript


This section provides a single tutorial intended to assist VBScript programmers interested in writing XML applications using the DOM APIs as implemented in Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML). The example in this section was written in Microsoft VBScript and tested using Notepad and Windows Scripting Host. The objective is to provide a quick and practical orientation, so that you can start to write your own XML applications.

This demonstration is a self-contained application that you can build and run independently. It provides complete source code, the expected output, any required resource files, and instructions for building and running the sample application.

The code demonstrated in this section is task-oriented, and is simplified for clarity. Therefore, its implementation is not always optimized and might not represent the best coding practice.

How Do I? Description
Set Up My VBScript Project Discusses the requirements for using MSXML, and describes how to install the MSXML components.
Validate XML to a DTD (VBScript) Demonstrates how to validate a sample XML file that uses an external DTD in VBScript.

Once you have reviewed this application, you might find it helpful to review additional information in the topics linked to in the following section.

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