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errorXPath Property


This read-only property returns an XPath expression that locates the node where an error occurred. Currently, this property is set only when an error is encountered in schema validation (using XSD). In all other cases, the returned string will be empty.

If there are multiple validation errors, the returned XPath expression points to the first node in the document where errors occurred.

Script Syntax

strXPath = objXMLDOMParseError2.errorXPath;  

Visual Basic Syntax

strXPath = objXMLDOMParseError2.errorXPath;  

C/C++ Syntax Using Smart Pointers

_bstr_t strXPath = objXMLDOMParseError2->errorXPath;  

C/C++ Syntax

HRESULT get_errorXPath (  
    BSTR *strXPath);  


A pointer to a BSTR string that contains an XPath expression, or is empty.

Return Values

The property was retrieved successfully.

Failed to retrieve the property and the resultant strXPath parameter is an empty string.


This example uses the same two resource files used in the allErrors example, books.xml and books.xsd. We've provided source files for the sample in two languages: JScript, and C++. The output is the same in each language.

Applies To

IXMLDOMParseError2 Interface


Implemented in:


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