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This section covers the Microsoft COM implementation of the XML Document Object Model (DOM). The XML DOM provides a navigable set of classes that directly reflect the W3C Document Object Model (DOM) Level 1 specification. These classes enable you to construct an XML document in memory. You can then compile and validate your XML documents against a DTD or schema. The Microsoft DOM implementation provides both Microsoft® JScript®, Visual Basic® and Microsoft Visual C++® interfaces.

In This Section

Starter Kit
Explains the benefits of the DOM, and offers ideas for building DOM applications.

Introduces some of the fundamental concepts that relate to the DOM.

How Do I?
Helps you build DOM applications. This section provides tutorials for using the DOM with other XML application programming interfaces, such as the Schema Object Model (SOM) and the Simple API for XML (SAX).

Provides reference documentation of all DOM application programming interfaces.

DOM Security
Describes security issues associated with DOM, and some guidance for mitigating security exposure.