Registering Resource Types

The following procedure describes how to register new resource types from a cluster-aware setup application. You should complete the steps described in Installing Files before proceeding.

  1. For each resource type supported by your resource DLL, call CreateClusterResourceType once from any cluster node. This establishes the new resource type in the cluster and allows the Cluster service to associate the resource type name with your resource DLL.
  2. Optional: Configure the common properties of your resource type with CLUSCTL_RESOURCE_TYPE_SET_COMMON_PROPERTIES.
  3. Call the extension DLL's DLLRegisterCluAdminExtension entry point once from any cluster node to register the extension DLL with the cluster.
  4. Perform COM registration for the extension DLL by calling DLLRegisterServer from each cluster node and on each remote system with a copy of the extension.