The Failover Cluster API

The Failover Cluster API, allows developers to write applications and resource DLLs that use failover clusters. The Failover Cluster API is published in the following files:

  • CluAdmEx.h
  • CluAdmEx.idl
  • ClusAPI.h
  • ClusAPI.lib
  • ResApi.h
  • ResUtils.lib
  • Uuid.lib

The topics in this section describes the API subsets and components of the Failover Cluster API.

In this section

Cluster API

Information about the Cluster API, which is used to directly access cluster objects, and interact with the Cluster service.

Resource API

Information about the Resource API, which is used by resource DLLs to manage cluster resources.

Cluster Administrator Extension API

Information about the Cluster Administrator API, which enables you to administer custom resource types with the Cluster Administrator.

Data Structures, Lists, and Tables

Information about how the API passes data sets between functions.

About Control Codes

Information about control codes, which are the primary way to initiate cluster operations and respond to cluster events.

About the Failover Cluster APIs