Common ODBC Component Files

The following table lists the files required by each component of ODBC Desktop Database Drivers 4.0. These files are installed in the \Windows\System directory or the \Windows\System32 directory. If ODBC files were previously installed in a different directory, make sure that you use the newer files in the \Windows\System (or System32) directory.

Some files are required by more than one component. These files must be redistributed if you intend to redistribute the ODBC Desktop Database Drivers with your commercial applications.

The following files are common to each of the ODBC Desktop Database Drivers:

  • Ds16gt.dll

  • Ds32gt.dll

  • Expsrv.dll

  • Msjint40.dll

  • Msjet40.dll

  • Msjter40.dll

  • Msjtes40.dll

  • Msvcrt40.dll

  • Odbc16gt.dll

  • Odbc32.dll

  • Odbc32gt.dll

  • Odbccp32.cpl

  • Odbccp32.dll

  • Odbccr32.dll

  • Odbcinst.chm

  • Odbcint.dll

  • Odbcjet.chm

  • Odbcji32.dll

  • Odbcjt32.dll

  • Odbctl32.dll

  • Odbctrac.dll

  • Vbajet32.dll