Process Snapshotting


Process snapshotting enables you to capture process state, in part or whole. It is similar to the Tool Help API, but with one important advantage: it can efficiently capture the virtual address contents of a process using the Windows internal POSIX fork clone capability. The process snapshot can be dumped into a file using the MiniDumpWriteDump function. For more information, see Generate Dump File from a Process Snapshot.

Developer audience

Process Snapshotting is designed for use by C/C++ developers.

Run-time requirements

Process Snapshotting is included in Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 operating systems.

In this section

Topic Description
Overview of Process Snapshotting
General information about Process Snapshotting.
Generate Dump File from a Process Snapshot
You can generate a process snapshot dump file.
Process Snapshotting Reference
Reference information for the Process Snapshotting API.