System Registry Provider

The System Registry provider enables management applications to retrieve and modify data in the system registry, and receive notifications when changes occur. The registry can be located on a local or remote computer. The _Win32Provider instance name is "RegProv"; the property provider name is "RegPropProv"; and the event provider name is "RegistryEventProvider". For more information, see Modifying the System Registry.

The provider has the following __Win32Provider instances:

  • "RegProv"
  • "RegistryEventProvider"
  • "RegPropProv"

Two versions of the System Registry provider are available on 64-bit platforms. For more information, see Getting and Providing Data on a 64-bit Computer.

System Registry Provider

The System Registry providers allows you to subscribe to registry events, including changes in a subtree, key, or value. For more information, see topics under Registering for System Registry Events and Receiving a WMI Event.The System Registry provider supports the following classes located in the Root\Default namespace:

Event class Description
RegistryEvent Abstract class from which the other registry event classes are derived.
RegistryKeyChangeEvent Represents changes to a specific registry key.
RegistryTreeChangeEvent Represents changes to a specific key or its subkeys.
RegistryValueChangeEvent Represents changes to a single value of a specific key.
StdRegProv Contains methods that manipulate system registry keys and values.


As an instance, property, and event provider, the System Registry provider supports the standard IWbemProviderInit interface, and the following IWbemServices methods:

StdRegProvider Class

The StdRegProv class is placed in the Root\Default namespace by WMI. You can compile the Managed Object Format (MOF) file that defines the provider into another namespace for use by your applications. RegEvent.mof is the .mof file name.

StdRegProv contains only methods. You cannot create or get an instance of StdRegProv. The Win32_Registry class contains configuration data about the registry. The only registry configuration you can change through WMI is the ProposedSize property.

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