SetConfiguration method of the MSFT_SmbClientConfiguration class

Sets one or more SMB client configuration settings.


uint32 SetConfiguration(
  [in] uint32  ConnectionCountPerRssNetworkInterface,
  [in] uint32  DirectoryCacheEntriesMax,
  [in] uint32  DirectoryCacheEntrySizeMax,
  [in] uint32  DirectoryCacheLifetime,
  [in] boolean EnableBandwidthThrottling,
  [in] boolean EnableByteRangeLockingOnReadOnlyFiles,
  [in] boolean EnableLargeMtu,
  [in] boolean EnableMultiChannel,
  [in] uint32  DormantFileLimit,
  [in] boolean EnableSecuritySignature,
  [in] uint32  ExtendedSessionTimeout,
  [in] uint32  FileInfoCacheEntriesMax,
  [in] uint32  FileInfoCacheLifetime,
  [in] uint32  FileNotFoundCacheEntriesMax,
  [in] uint32  FileNotFoundCacheLifetime,
  [in] uint32  KeepConn,
  [in] uint32  MaxCmds,
  [in] uint32  MaximumConnectionCountPerServer,
  [in] boolean OplocksDisabled,
  [in] boolean RequireSecuritySignature,
  [in] uint32  SessionTimeout,
  [in] boolean UseOpportunisticLocking,
  [in] uint32  WindowSizeThreshold,
  [in] boolean EnableLoadBalanceScaleOut,
  [in] boolean EnableInsecureGuestLogons


ConnectionCountPerRssNetworkInterface [in]

The number of TCP connections per RSS network interface.

DirectoryCacheEntriesMax [in]

The maximum number of entries that can be stored in the directory cache.

DirectoryCacheEntrySizeMax [in]

The maximum size, in bytes, of an entry in the directory cache.

DirectoryCacheLifetime [in]

The maximum lifetime, in seconds, of the directory cache.

EnableBandwidthThrottling [in]

Controls whether bandwidth throttling is enabled.

EnableByteRangeLockingOnReadOnlyFiles [in]

Controls whether byte-range locking is enabled on read-only files.

EnableLargeMtu [in]

Controls whether large maximum transmission units (MTU) are enabled.

EnableMultiChannel [in]

Enable the use of multiple physical network interfaces.

DormantFileLimit [in]

The maximum number of file handles the SMB network redirector can continue to keep open after the application has closed the corresponding handle.

EnableSecuritySignature [in]

Controls whether security signatures are enabled.

ExtendedSessionTimeout [in]

An additional timeout, in seconds, for the SMB client to wait for servers that take more than 45 seconds to respond. (See the SessionTimeout parameter.) The default value is zero.

FileInfoCacheEntriesMax [in]

The maximum number of entries that can be stored in the file information cache.

FileInfoCacheLifetime [in]

The maximum lifetime, in seconds, of the file information cache.

FileNotFoundCacheEntriesMax [in]

The maximum number of entries that can be stored in the file not found cache.

FileNotFoundCacheLifetime [in]

The maximum lifetime, in seconds, of the file not found cache.

KeepConn [in]

Specifies the maximum amount of time, in seconds, that an idle connection can remain open. If the idle time for a connection reaches the value of this entry, the connection is closed.

MaxCmds [in]

Specifies the maximum number of network control blocks that the redirector can reserve. The value of this entry coincides with the number of execution threads that can be outstanding simultaneously.

MaximumConnectionCountPerServer [in]

The maximum number of Multichannel client connections (across multiple interfaces) for a given server. The default value is 8.

OplocksDisabled [in]

True if opportunistic locking is disabled. See UseOpportunisticLocking.

RequireSecuritySignature [in]

Controls whether security signatures are required.

SessionTimeout [in]

The number of seconds that the client waits before disconnecting an inactive session.

UseOpportunisticLocking [in]

Controls whether the opportunistic-locking (oplock) performance enhancement is enabled. If True, the redirector requests an opportunistic lock on any file opened in "Deny None" mode. As a result, the server performs automatic read-ahead and write-behind caching on behalf of the redirector.

WindowSizeThreshold [in]

The minimum window size before Multichannel will trigger the use of multiple connections. The default value is 1 for Windows Server operating systems and 8 for Windows client operating systems.

EnableLoadBalanceScaleOut [in]

Specifies whether load balancing is enabled with scale out clusters. True to enable load balancing with scale out clusters; False to disable it.

Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8: This parameter is not supported before Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1.

EnableInsecureGuestLogons [in]


Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8: This parameter is not supported before Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10.


Minimum supported client
Windows 8
Minimum supported server
Windows Server 2012

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