Storage Volume Provider

The Storage Volume provider supplies volume management functions. The provider enumerates all existing volumes that the Windows Mount Manager recognizes, and volumes enumerated in the FindFirstVolume or FindNextVolume Windows APIs.

You can use this provider to manage volume drive letters, mount points, and for storage quotas. The Storage Volume provider also has methods to defragment, check, mount, dismount, and format a volume. This provider does not manage mapped network or diskette drives. No direct relationship exists between Win32_Volume and Win32_DiskDrive. The name of the __Win32Provider instance name is "MSVDS_PROVIDER".

Windows XP: The Storage Volume Provider is not available.

The Storage Volume provider can modify and enumerate disk volume objects. This provider is implemented through the instance of __Win32Provider named "MSVDS_PROVIDER". PutInstance is supported for classes that belong to this provider.

The Storage Volume provider is an instance and method provider that implements the standard IWbemProviderInit interface, and the following IWbemServices methods:

The Storage Volume provider supports the following classes:

The Storage Volume provider supports the following association classes in the root\cimv2 namespace:

The Win32_Volume class defines the following methods to manage volumes: