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Windows Image Acquisition Automation Layer


The Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) Automation Layer is a full-featured image manipulation component that provides end-to-end image processing capabilities. The WIA Automation Layer makes it easy to acquire images from digital cameras, scanners, or Web cameras, and to rotate, scale, and annotate your image files. The WIA Automation Layer supersedes the WIA Scripting Model provided by Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) 1.0.

Developer audience

The WIA Automation Layer API is designed for use by Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, Active Server Pages (ASP), and scripting programmers.

Run-time requirements

Applications that use the WIA Automation Layer API require Windows Vista or later. Earlier versions of Windows are not supported.

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Overview Topics
General information about Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) and sample code. Start by reading About WIA Automation for an introduction to WIA Automation Layer.
Information on WIA Automation Layer interfaces, methods, objects, and data types.