Microsoft.Management.Infrastructure Namespace


A namespace that contains various CIM classes and enumerations.


Class Description
System_CAPS_pubclass CimClass

Represents a CIM class.

System_CAPS_pubclass CimConverter

Contains members to convert .NET types to CIM types and CIM types to .NET types.

System_CAPS_pubclass CimException

Represents an exception that has occurred during a CIM operation.

System_CAPS_pubclass CimInstance

Represents an instance of a CIM class.

System_CAPS_pubclass CimMethodDeclaration

Represents a method declaration of a CIM class.

System_CAPS_pubclass CimMethodParameter

Represents a parameter of a CIM method.

System_CAPS_pubclass CimMethodParameterDeclaration

Represents a parameter declaration.

System_CAPS_pubclass CimMethodParametersCollection

Represents a collection of parameters of a CIM method.

System_CAPS_pubclass CimMethodResult

Represents a method's return value and out parameter values.

System_CAPS_pubclass CimMethodResultBase

Represents a CIM method result base parameter.

System_CAPS_pubclass CimMethodStreamedResult

Represents a single item of a streamed out parameter array.

System_CAPS_pubclass CimProperty

Represents a CIM property.

System_CAPS_pubclass CimPropertyDeclaration

Represents a property declaration of a CIM class.

System_CAPS_pubclass CimQualifier

Represents a CIM qualifier.

System_CAPS_pubclass CimSession

Represents a client-side connection to a CIM server.

System_CAPS_pubclass CimSubscriptionResult

Represents a CIM subscription result.

System_CAPS_pubclass CimSystemProperties

Represents system properties such as namespace, server name and path.


Enumeration Description
System_CAPS_pubenum CimFlags

Specifies CIM flags that are used with the class declarations of instances. They represent CIM meta-types (qualifier scopes) as well as a set of well-known CIM qualifiers. These flags can be combined together, with the exception of a few groups of mutually exclusive flags.

System_CAPS_pubenum CimSubscriptionDeliveryType

Differentiates between a push or pull subscription delivery type. This is not supported when using the DCOM protocol.

System_CAPS_pubenum CimType

Specifies a CIM type, such as integer, string, or datetime.

System_CAPS_pubenum NativeErrorCode

Specifies error codes defined by the native MI client API.

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