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DFS Provider

The preinstalled Distributed File System (DFS) provider supplies scriptable DFS functions through WMI. DFS provides the ability to group shares logically on multiple servers, and link shares transparently to a tree-like structure in a single namespace. This provider can create a DFS node, and uses an association class to represent the connection between a node, and the shares and servers being linked to the node.

A DFS root can be defined at the domain level for domain-based operation, or at the server level for stand-alone operation. Domain-based DFS can have multiple roots in the domain but only one root on each server.

As an instance and method provider, the DFS provider implements the standard IWbemProviderInit interface and the following IWbemServices methods:

The Wmipdfs.mof file defines the DFS provider, and association and registration classes. You can access the DFS provider classes only in the Root\CIMv2 namespace.

The DFS provider supports the following classes:

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