Cloud Backup Provider API Registry Keys

A cloud backup provider must register or de-register with the Windows Server Backup feature using the RegisterOnlineBackupWithWindowsServerBackup and DeregisterOnlineBackupFromWindowsServerBackup functions. The registry keys should not be manually modified.

Using the string representation of the snap-in's CLSID as the key name, snap-ins register under the following key:


The CLSID of the snap-in extension must also be registered under the following key:


Note the following behaviors and requirements:

  • The <ParentNodeType> key is created by the Windows Server Backup parent snap-in during its registration.
  • The {ParentNodetypeGUID} key specifies the string representation of the GUID of the parent node type. The string must begin with an opening brace ({) and end with a closing brace (}).
  • There must also be a corresponding {nodetypeGUID} value in the primary (parent) snap-in's HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\MMC\SnapIns\{snapinCLSID}\NodeTypes key, where {snapinCLSID} is the parent snap-in's CLSID.
  • The Extensions key contains subkeys and values that list the snap-ins registered to extend the node type specified by {nodetypeGUID}.
  • The {extensionsnapinCLSID} key specifies the string representation of the CLSID of an extension snap-in.

About the Windows Server Backup Cloud Backup Provider API