Creating a File for the Boot Loader StartUp Function (Windows CE 5.0)

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In the process of developing your boot loader, you must create a file called Startup.s. Startup.s will contain your implementation of the boot loader StartUp function.

To create a file for the StartUp function

  1. Navigate to %_WINCEROOT%\Platform\MyPlatform\Src\Bootloader\Eboot.

  2. Create a file called Startup.s.

    Because of its low-level nature, the new Startup.s file must contain code written in assembly language. The following code example is specific to the ARM hardware platform. Your code may vary. For more information about the hardware platform used for this example, see Boot Loader Design.

    OPT   2             ; Disable listing 
    INCLUDE kxarm.h     ; This defines the WinCE/ARM Calling Sequence Specification
    OPT   1             ; Reenable listing
    OPT   128           ; Disable listing of macro expansions
    LEAF_ENTRY StartUp 
     nop               ; *** This routine will be filled in later ***

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