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Cesysgen Batch File (Windows CE 5.0)

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The Cesysgen batch file (Cesysgen.bat) specifies the environment variables that Nmake.exe uses to create the run-time image.

Use Cesysgen.bat to specify which Windows CE OS modules and functionality to install on the target device.

**Note   **Sysgen.bat calls this batch file. Do not execute this file directly. The following documentation is provided for completeness and informational purposes only.

Some modules, such as the OS kernel module (nk), are required. Some modules contain selectable functionality; for example, the file system module (filesys), the Graphics, Windowing, and Events Subsystem (GWES) module (gwes), and the OS core system DLL module (coredll).

For more information, see Environment Variables and Windows CE Modules and Components.

After Cesysgen.bat sets environment variables, Sysgen.bat calls Nmake.exe to process these specifications, build the modules, and copy the modules for the run-time image.


The following code example shows the default that is used by Cesysgen.bat in the %_PUBLICROOT%\CEBASE\Oak\Misc directory.


In this code example, Cesysgen.bat sets COREDLL_COMPONENTS to contain cryptapi and rsa32, and CE_MODULES to contain rsaenh. Then Cesysgen.bat checks whether the OS design sets %SYSGEN_CRYPTO_RSABASE%.

If this check is true, Cesysgen.bat sets CE_MODULES to also contain rsabase, which is dependent upon CRYPTO_RSABASE to run.


Each Windows CE OS design contains specific environment variables that are used to include or exclude functionality. A specific environment variable may appear more than once in Cesysgen.bat due to multiple Catalog items' dependencies.

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