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Sharing Folders Using the File Server (Windows CE 5.0)

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To share folders on the device using SMB, you must configure the registry. To make a persistent change to your run-time image, you must modify the Project.reg file.

For more information about the registry keys used in the following procedure, see File Server Registry Settings.

To configure the registry settings for the SMB server

  1. Define a unique name for the Windows CE-based device in the registry as follows:


    The device must be identified by using a unique name. If the name of the device is not unique, the SMB server detects the default name and shuts down to avoid duplicate servers.

  2. Set the path of the folder to share and provide names of allowed user, by setting the following registry entries.

  3. Define the network adapter to bind in the registry as follows:

  4. If NTLMSSP is used to authenticate user access, Set the default domain.

  5. Configure the SMB server to be secure by enabling authentication.


    Security Note   It is recommended that UseAuthentication is not set to 0 because this will disable all authentication on the SMB server.

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