WMI Consumers

The WMI Consumers component includes several Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) event consumer classes, which provide prepackaged event-processing functionality.

This component includes the following standard consumer classes:

  • Scripting event consumer (ActiveScriptEventConsumer). Implements a WMI class, which executes a predefined script in an arbitrary scripting language whenever an event is delivered to it.
  • Log file event consumer (LogFileEventConsumer). Writes customized strings to a text log file whenever events are delivered to it. The strings are separated by end-of-line sequences.
  • Windows NT event log consumer (NTEventLogEventConsumer). Logs a specific message to the Windows¬†NT event log when an event is delivered to it. The NTEventLogEventConsumer class requires that the message text of all entries be placed in a message dynamic-link library (DLL) which must be installed on the system where the events are to be logged.
  • Command-line event consumer (CommandLineEventConsumer). Launches an arbitrary process in the local system context whenever an event is delivered to it.
  • SMTP consumer (SMTPEventConsumer). Sends an e-mail message using SMTP each time an event is delivered to it. An SMTP server must exist on the network. The SMTPEventConsumer class does not support attachments.

In many cases, these prepackaged event consumers eliminate the need to develop custom WMI consumers.

This component includes the following files:

  • Scrcons.exe. ActiveScriptEventConsumer
  • Smtpcons.dll. SMTPEventConsumer
  • Wbemcons.dll. CommandLineEventConsumer, NTEventLogEventConsumer, LogFileEventConsumer


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