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Windows Network Projector Overview (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


A Windows Network Projector is a display device, such as a conference room projector, that uses Remote Desktop Protocol over an IP network to display the desktop of a Windows Vista-based PC. Windows Embedded CE 6.0 comes with an OS design template that allows you to create Windows Network Projectors.

A Windows Network Projector built with CE 6.0 and later is focused on supporting business scenarios such as those in the following list.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint presentations with simple animations and still image display.
  • Displays to a single projector (one-to-one connection).
  • Mirror or extended display.

The Network Projector utilizes Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) for display capabilities. It can support wired or wireless networks connections between the computer and the projector. It can support both ad hoc and infrastructure mode for wireless networks.

You can add functionality to your network projector image to enhance the end-user experience by adding other Windows Embedded CE components or custom solution components to your OS design.

The network projector functionality provided in Windows Embedded CE works with the supportive functionality built into Windows Vista. For more information see Connecting to a Windows Network Projector

Windows Network Projector End-User Scenarios

The Windows Embedded CE technologies behind Windows Network Projectors can allow you to build a number of different device types.

Ee480296.collapse(en-US,WinEmbedded.60).gifWindows Network Projector

The following diagram shows a direct implementation of Windows Network Projector functionality built into a new or existing projector design. With this integrated support, the projector provides the capability of being discovered and connected to by a Windows Vista-based PC. This example shows the Windows Network Projector used with an infrastructure network connection.


This example shows the projector used with an ad hoc network connection.


Ee480296.collapse(en-US,WinEmbedded.60).gifWindows Network Projector Adapter

The following diagram shows a Windows Network Projector adapter. This new device can be used to retrofit an existing conference room projector and extend its current functionality to that of a Windows Network Projector. The adapter device provides the seamless discovery and connection to the Windows Vista-based PC and remotely displays the PC desktop.


Included Catalog Items

The following table shows the required Catalog items included in the Windows Network Projector design template used with the Windows Embedded CE OS Design Wizard.

Catalog item Catalog item location Sysgen variable

Target Control Support (Shell.exe)

Core OS Services\Kernel Functionality


Wired Local Area Network (802.3 802.5)


Communications Services and Networking\Networking – Local Area Network (LAN)


Windows Network Projector

CEBASE\Applications- End User\Remote Desktop Connection\Windows Network Projector


Sample Network Projector UI


CEBASE\Applications- End User\Remote Desktop Connection\Windows Network Projector\Sample Network Projector UI


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