BinFS Registry Settings (Compact 2013)


The Binary Romimage File System (BinFS) retrieves driver specific settings from the registry.

You can place BinFS settings at two different tiers in the registry hierarchy

  • Root file system key
    Settings made at the root key of the file system registry, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\StorageManager\BinFS, apply to every mounted instance of BinFS, unless explicitly overridden by a setting at a lower level. These setting apply to BinFS for all profiles.
  • Profile-specific settings
    Settings made at the Profiles registry subkey, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\StorageManager\Profile\MSFlash, apply only to devices that report the profile MSFlash.

Registry value: Type



Specifies the name of the file system DLL.

Set to "binfs.dll" for BinFS.

FriendlyName: REG_SZ

Specifies a friendly name for the file system.

MountLabel: REG_DWORD

Pulls the volume label and uses it as a mount point.


Controls paging. Set to 1 to enable paging for BinFS.

Util: REG_SZ

Specifies the DLL name of utility to do format and scan.

MountFlags: REG_DWORD

This value is deprecated. For replacement values, see Mount Settings.

Default BinFS Settings

The following registry key example shows the default values for BinFS.

    "FriendlyName"="Bin FileSystem"
   "Folder"="NAND Flash"
   "Name"="FLASH Disk Block Device"

Controlling \Windows Directory Shadowing

The following registry keys prevent FATFS from attempting to shadow the \Windows directory.


A MountAsROM value of dword:1 specifies that you mount the file system as an external ROM file system that shadows the \Windows directory; setting MountAsROM to dword:0 prevents this shadowing. In addition, setting the MountHidden value to dword:0 causes the \BINFS directory to be visible to the user. In both cases, you can access the BinFS contents using the \BINFS directory.

The following registry key example prevents FATFS from attempting to shadow the \Windows directory:


Specifying the Flash Media Driver

The following registry key examples show the necessary settings to specify the Flash Media Driver (FMD), and to allow Storage Manager to load the partitions on the flash memory:

   "FriendlyName"="SD NAND FLASH Driver"
   ;LoadFlags 0x01 == load synchronously

For more information about the Autoload sub-key, see Autoload Settings.

The following registry key example is necessary for MSPART to recognize the BinFS partition:


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