File-Based Write Filter (FBWF) (Standard 7 SP1)


File-Based Write Filter (FBWF) enables redirection of all changes made to a protected volume to an in-memory overlay. This provides system designers with the option of discarding all changes made to a system in a manner that is transparent to user applications. This inherent feature of FBWF can also be used for booting Windows Embedded Standard 7 images from read-only flash media.

In This Section

  • FBWF Overview
    Provides an overview of File-Based Write Filter. This overview describes FBWF operation and architecture.
  • FBWF Features
    Describes the new features that were introduced in FBWF.
  • FBWF Integration
    Specifies FBWF interactions with other Standard 7 features and components.
  • FBWF Manager
    Describes the command-line syntax for the FBWF Manager.
    Describes the functions that you can use to control FBWF programmatically.

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