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SMP Depth Test - Kernel Mode (Compact 2013)


This test suite exercises CePowerOnProcessor and CePowerOffProcessor APIs and ensures the system state is consistent.

OEM must implement g_pOemGlobal->pfnMpCpuPowerFunc before running this test. Otherwise the test will fail.

Test Prerequisites

Your device must meet the following requirements before you run this test.

The following tables show the hardware and software requirements for the SMP Depth (Kernel Mode) Test.

Hardware Requirements


Multi-core processor

This test is intended for testing multi-core processor.

BSP that supports g_pOemglobal->pfnMpCpuPowerFunc

This function must be supported to allow powering on/off the processor.

Software Requirements



Tux test harness, required for test execution


Kato logging engine, required for logging test data


Tux test harness to run in kernel mode


Test library


The table below lists the subtests included in this test.

SubTest ID



Power Test #1 - Basic API testing on CEPowerOnProcessor and CEPowerOffProcessor


Power Test #2 - Powering on and off processor during matrix multiply


Power Test #3 - Powering on and off processors in parallel

Setting Up the Test

This test has no additional requirements, beyond the standard test environment setup.

Running the Test

The SMP Depth test will execute the default command line: tux -o -n -d smpdepth.dll. There are no test-specific command line options.

Verifying the Test

When the test completes running, verify that "PASS" appears in the test log for all subtests.

Troubleshooting the Test

Currently only ARM platforms support CePowerOnProcessor and CePowerOffProcessor.

OEM must implement g_pOemGlobal->pfnMpCpuPowerFunc before running this test.

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