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This message is sent to the LINEEVENT callback function to notify TAPI about device-specific events occurring on a line or address. The meaning of the message and the interpretation of the dwParam1 through dwParam3 parameters is device specific.

LINE_DEVSPECIFIChtLine = (HTAPILINE) hLineDevice;htCall = (HTAPICALL) 0;dwMsg = (DWORD) LINE_DEVSPECIFIC;dwParam1 = (DWORD) DeviceData1;dwParam2 = (DWORD) DeviceData2;dwParam3 = (DWORD) DeviceData3;


  • htLine
    The TAPI opaque object handle to the line device.
  • htCall
    Not used.
  • dwMsg
  • dwParam1
    Device specific.
  • dwParam2
    Device specific.
  • dwParam3
    Device specific.


This message is used by a service provider in conjunction with the TSPI_lineDevSpecific function. Its meaning is device specific.

TAPI sends the LINE_DEVSPECIFIC message to applications in response to receiving this message from a service provider. The htLine is translated to the appropriate hLine as the hDevice parameter at the TAPI level. The dwParam1, dwParam2, and dwParam3 parameters are passed through unmodified.

This differs from the corresponding message at the TAPI level in that it is used only to report device-specific events occurring on a line or address.


OS Versions: Windows CE 3.0 and later.
Header: Tapi.h.

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