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This IOCTL allows an application to retrieve the name and description of the adapter.


  • lpInBuffer
    [in] Points to an NDISUIO_QUERY_BINDING structure plus extra bytes allocated for holding the name and description string. The BindingIndex member in the NDISUIO_QUERY_BINDING structure should hold the adapter index number.

  • nInBufferSize
    [in] Size, in bytes, of the buffer pointed to by lpInBuffer. This should be the same size as the NDISUIO_QUERY_BINDING structure.

  • lpOutBuffer
    [out] Set to NULL or lpInBuffer.

    Note   If lpOutBuffer is not specified, the application returns NDIS_STATUS_INVALID_DATA.

  • nOutBufferSize
    [out] Total size of the buffer pointed to by lpInBuffer.

  • lpBytesReturned
    [out] Total bytes used in lpInBuffer.


An application can use this IOCTL to find out which miniport adapters NDISUIO has bound to. For example, an application can set BindingIndex = 0 and call IOCTL_NDISUIO_QUERY_BINDING to retrieve the adapter name and description for BindingIndex = 0. The application can then increment the BindingIndex value and call IOCTL_NDISUIO_QUERY_BINDING again. This process can continue until DeviceIoControl returns FALSE and GetLastError returns ERROR_NO_MORE_ITEMS.

This IOCTL can be used by an application even if the application is not associated with an NDISUIO file handle to a network adapter.


OS Versions: Windows CE .NET 4.0 and later.
Header: Nuiouser.h, Ntddndis.h.

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