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OID_802_11_BSSID_LIST (Windows CE 5.0)

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This object identifier returns a list of all BSSIDs detected, including the attributes specified in the NDIS_REQUEST data structure. The list of BSSIDs returned is the cached list stored in the IEEE 802.11NIC's database.

The list of BSSIDs in the IEEE 802.11 NIC's database is the set of basic service sets (BSSs) detected by the IEEE 802.11 NIC during the last survey of potential BSSs. A call to this object identifier will result in an immediate return of the list of BSSIDs in the IEEE 802.11 NIC's database.

If this object identifier is called without a preceding call to OID_802_11_BSSID_LIST_SCAN and the IEEE 802.11 NIC is active, then OID_802_11_BSSID_LIST may return a list of BSSIDs limited to those that the IEEE 802.11 NIC considers valid to join, based upon its current configuration.

However, if OID_802_11_BSSID_LIST is immediately preceded by a call to OID_802_11_BSSID_LIST_SCAN then the list of BSSIDs should contain all the BSSIDs found during the OID_802_11_BSSID_LIST_SCAN.


OS Versions: Windows CE .NET 4.0 and later.
Header: Ntddndis.h.

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