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OID_802_11_BSSID_LIST_SCAN (Windows CE 5.0)

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This object identifier requests that the miniport driver direct the 802.11 NIC to request a survey of BSSs. No data is associated with this object identifier. The following list shows the parameters that the NIC will use in its request:

  • BSSType indicates that both the infrastructure BSS and independent BSS are used.
  • BSSID indicates that the BSSID is broadcast.
  • SSID indicates that the SSID is broadcast.
  • ScanType indicates active, passive, or a combination of both passive and active scanning approaches.
  • ChannelList indicates all permitted frequency channels.

The NIC uses an active or passive scanning method or a combination of both passive and active scanning methods to perform a scan.

The NIC should minimize the response time for this object identifier. Active scanning is preferred, when possible.

The NIC's database includes BSSIDs for all BSSs responding on frequency channels that are permitted in the region in which the NIC is operating.

**Note   **If the NIC is associated with a particular BSSID and an SSID that are not contained in the list of BSSIDs generated by this scan, the BSSID description of the currently associated BSSID and SSID should be appended to the list of BSSIDs in the NIC's database. This object identifier may be called frequently. Miniport drivers should minimize the performance impact of servicing this object identifier. A query of this object identifier should not cause the NIC to associate with a different access point.


OS Versions: Windows CE .NET 4.0 and later.
Header: Ntddndis.h.

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