ImmRegisterWord (Windows CE 5.0)

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This function registers a string into the dictionary of the IME associated with the specified keyboard layout.

BOOL ImmRegisterWord( HKL hKL,LPCTSR lpszReading,DWORD dwStyle,LPCTSTR lpszRegister);


  • hKL
    [in] Ignored; set to NULL. Windows CE does not support true keyboard layouts.
  • lpszReading
    [in] Long pointer to a null-terminated string specifying the reading string associated with the string to register.
  • dwStyle
    [in] Style of the register string. This parameter can be IME_REGWORD_STYLE_EUDC to indicate the string is in the EUDC range, or any value in the reserved range IME_REGWORD_STYLE_USER_FIRST to IME_REGWORD_STYLE_USER_LAST to indicate a private style maintained by the specified IME.
  • lpszRegister
    [in] Long pointer to a null-terminated string specifying the string to register.

Return Values

Nonzero indicates success. Zero indicates failure.


OS Versions: Windows CE .NET 4.0 and later.
Header: Imm.h.
Link Library: Coreimm.lib.

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