Windows CE Strings (Windows CE 5.0)

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When creating an application package, the application developer can use shortcuts to specify the target locations where files should be extracted to on the device. This facilitates localization, because directories can have different names depending on the language that the target device is localized into.

For example, the Windows CE string %CE2% is translated into the Windows directory, typically \Windows on the default storage volume. This translation occurs on the device at installation time.

If a default storage volume is present on the device, the default storage volume string is added to the beginning of the listed directory. For example, if the default storage volume is Storage, %CE1% is automatically changed to \Storage\Program Files when a CE directory identifier is used. The %CEx% string ensures that files are placed in the correct locations on all platforms regardless of the file system's layout.

Note   Windows CE Strings must use uppercase characters.

The following table shows the available Windows CE Strings and their corresponding directory for a target device intended for an English-speaking audience.

Windows CE String Directory
%CE1% Program Files
%CE2% Windows
%CE4% Windows\StartUp
%CE5% My Documents
%CE8% Program Files\Games
%CE11% Windows\Start Menu\Programs
%CE14% Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Games
%CE15% Windows\Fonts
%CE17% Windows\Start Menu

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