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Command-Line Tools

Microsoft® Platform Builder includes a set of tools for defining a development environment, building source code, making an operating system (OS) image, and transferring files to a target device. If you build a platform from the command prompt build window, you call many of these tools directly. If you build a platform from the Platform Builder integrated development environment (IDE), the IDE uses these tools to create, download, and debug your platform.

**Note   **The IDE and command-line environments are independent of each other. Environment variables that you set in one environment may have a different setting in the other environment. Do not combine IDE and command-line methods when you build a platform.

The following table shows the command-line tools and their functions.

Tool Description
Build Demo tool (Blddemo.bat) Calls all tools necessary to create Microsoft Windows® CE–based OS features, generate source code, copy files to a release directory, and make a Windows CE–based OS image.
Build Release Directory tool (Buildrel.bat) Copies all modules and files required to build the OS image in a common release directory.
Build tool (Build.exe) Creates executable files for the target device.
Catalog Utility (Pbcec.exe) Adds and removes Catalog feature files (.cec) from the Catalog, and lists the Catalog contents.
CeBackup tool (Cebackup.exe) Creates backup copies of Windows CE–based libraries.
Cesysgen Batch File (Cesysgen.bat) Specifies the Windows CE–based modules and features for the target device.
Createmui Tool (Createmui.bat) Creates new resource files for the Multilingual User Interface.
Cvrtbin Tool (Cvrtbin.exe) Converts read-only memory (ROM) files from binary (.bin) format to SRE or NBX (.nb0) format.
fMerge Tool (fmerge.exe) Combines all existing binary image builder (.bib) files into one .bib file, and all registry (.reg) files into one .ini file.
Keyboard Layout Generator Tool(Kbdgen.exe) Produces Windows CE Input Language and Device Layout source files from a Windows XP keyboard layout dynamic-link library (.dll) file.
Load CEPC tool (Loadcepc.exe) Loads an OS image onto an x86-based target device, such as a Windows CE PC-based hardware development platform (CEPC).
Make Binary Image tool (Makeimg.exe) Creates an OS image.
Master Build tool (Cebuild.bat) Creates the Windows CE–based modules and features and builds source code for each project in a platform.
Memory Usage tool (Memtool.exe) Displays information on kernel memory usage.
Readlog Tool (Readlog.exe) Converts CELog (.clg) files into text (.txt) format.
Set Environment Variable tool (Setenv.bat) Sets customized developer environment variables. Used by Wince.bat; do not call this tool directly.
Sysgen tool (Sysgen.bat) Creates the Windows CE–based modules selected in Cesysgen.bat by linking the features specified in Cesysgen.bat.
Sysgenplatform Tool (Sysgenplatform.bat) Links the files in your platform during the Sysgen phase of the build process.
Viewbin Tool (Viewbin.exe) Displays information about the contents of an OS image.
Windows CE Build Environment tool (Wince.bat) Sets up the Windows CE build environment.
Windows CE Console Debug Shell tool (Cesh.exe) Downloads raw binary format (.rbf) files to a target platform.

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