Design recommendations for Windows 8 touchpads

Microsoft Windows 8 introduces a new Windows user interface (UI) built for touch. The new Windows UI also accommodates a mouse and a keyboard. This document summarizes the engineering and user experience recommendations for touchpads for Windows 8. It also recommends features for Windows 8 touchpads. Anything that is not explicitly mentioned here is not recommended or supported. In some cases, unsupported practices may result in unexpected behaviors.

This information applies to the following operating system:

  • Windows 8

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Windows 8 touchpad design recommendations

The Windows 8 touchpad design recommendations promote simple and consistent gestures across Windows PCs.

Windows 8 touchpad gesture implementation guide

This topic contains guidance for implementing Windows 8 touchpad gestures.

High-resolution mouse wheel

Microsoft recommends that a Windows 8 touchpad support a simulation of the high- resolution mouse wheel to provide a smooth and natural touchpad experience.

Baseline test criteria for Windows 8 touchpads

To ensure high quality and consistency among devices, it is important to confirm that your touchpad’s features and functionality conform to the specified Windows 8 design recommendations. This topic summarizes the baseline test criteria.

Notes on the touch injection API (Windows 8 touchpads)

The touch injection API (the InjectTouchInput function) is designed for remote desktop and the touch emulator in Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, but it is not suitable for Windows 8 touchpad implementations.


Implementing Control Panel Items

GetLocaleInfo function


IsImmersiveProcess function

Windows Hardware Certification Requirements

Windows Hardware Certification Kit

Hardware IDs for PS/2 Input Devices on Laptops



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