Native 802.11 OIDs


The Native 802.11 Wireless LAN interface is deprecated in Windows 10 and later. Please use the WLAN Device Driver Interface (WDI) instead. For more information about WDI, see WLAN Universal Windows driver model.

The Native 802.11 wireless LAN (WLAN) object identifiers (OIDs) are supported by versions 6.0 and later of the Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS). Miniport drivers that support the Native 802.11 interface for IEEE 802.11 network interface cards (NICs) must support all mandatory Native 802.11 OIDs. For some OIDs, support is optional.

In addition, miniport drivers that support the Native 802.11 interface must also support the mandatory NDIS general OIDS. For more information about these OIDs, see General OIDs.

Native 802.11 OIDs are issued by the Windows operating system. Third-party drivers cannot issue them.

A user-mode application or script can query the Native 802.11 OIDs indirectly by calling Microsoft Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) methods. For more information, see WMI Tasks: Networking. Native 802.11 OIDs cannot be set in this way.

The Native 802.11 OIDs are defined in Windot11.h. When building a driver that supports these OIDs, include Ndis.h.

The Native 802.11 OIDs are described in the following sections:

For an overview of the terms and naming conventions used throughout this section, see Native 802.11 OID terminology.