UX patterns

[This topic is featured in Make great apps for Windows 8.]

Digital image of primary colors, to imply authentically digital, one of the design principles

Design principles

  • What foundations can I use to build my design?
  • How do I get started planning my design?
Image of navigation pattern

Navigation patterns

  • How do I organize my app?
  • How do I help people move from one page to another?
Image of command buttons on app

Commanding patterns

  • Where should I place common commands, like copy and paste?
  • What commands go in the app bar and what go in charms?
Image of swipe interaction

Touch interaction patterns

  • What touch gestures are available?
  • How do I make sure my app is great for touch interactions?
Image of ads example

Advertising patterns

  • How can I include ads without harming the user experience?
  • What requirements are there related to advertising?
  • How should I pick an ad provider?
Image of branding example

Branding patterns

  • How do I incorporate my brand into my apps?
  • Why is it important?
Image of generic app layout

UX guidelines

  • How can I find design guidance for each control and Windows feature?
  • What guidelines should I follow to ensure a great overall user experience?


Accessibility scenarios




Build date: 9/16/2013