USMT XML Reference

Applies To: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Vista

This section contains topics that you can use to work with and to customize the migration XML files.

In This Section

Understanding Migration XML Files

Provides an overview of the default and custom migration XML files and includes guidelines for creating and editing a customized version of the MigDocs.xml file.

Config.xml File

Describes the Config.xml file and policies concerning its configuration.

Customize USMT XML Files

Describes how to customize USMT XML files.

Custom XML Examples

Gives examples of XML files for various migration scenarios.

Conflicts and Precedence

Describes the precedence of migration rules and how conflicts are handled.

General Conventions

Describes the XML helper functions.

XML File Requirements

Describes the requirements for custom XML files.

Recognized Environment Variables

Describes environment variables recognized by USMT.

XML Elements Library

Describes the XML elements and helper functions for authoring migration XML files to use with USMT.