Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) Technical Reference

Applies To: Windows 8, Windows 8.1

The Microsoft® Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) helps you determine whether the applications, devices, and computers in your organization are compatible with versions of the Windows® operating system. By using ACT, you can obtain compatibility information from Microsoft and software vendors, identify compatibility issues within your own organization, and share compatibility ratings with other ACT users. The tools in ACT help you analyze and mitigate compatibility issues before you deploy a version of Windows to your organization.

ACT is available in the Windows ADK. Download and install the Windows ADK from this website.

In This Section

Welcome to ACT

Describes ACT usage scenarios, new features, and system requirements.

Configuring ACT

Describes how to set up ACT.

Using ACT

Describes how to use ACT.

Troubleshooting ACT

Describes common troubleshooting issues.

ACT User Interface Reference

Describes the user interface of ACT.

ACT Product and Documentation Resources

Describes additional resources that you should know about when you're using ACT.

ACT Glossary

Describes ACT terminology.

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