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VBScript is no longer supported in IE11 edge mode

As of Internet Explorer 11, VBScript is considered deprecated and should no longer be used as a scripting language for IE11. Webpages displayed in IE11 mode won't execute VBScript code.

Because VBScript is no longer supported for IE11 mode, the following API features are no longer available to webpages:

  • The execScript function.
  • The VBArray object.
  • The "text/vbs" and "text/vbscript" MIME types (as supported type values for script elements).

Update any pages that currently rely on VBSscript to use JavaScript. If this isn't feasible, try replacing the webpage with an app written in Visual Basic.

For compatibility reasons, VBScript does execute for legacy document modes (IE10 standards mode and earlier), however, this should be considered a temporary solution.