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New and legacy drag and drop

Microsoft Edge rounds out its support for the most current HTML5 drag and drop model (using a DataTransferItemList as a data store for the drag operation).

The drag and drop model has come a long way since its original implementation in Microsoft Internet Explorer 6. This table summarizes how its support has evolved in recent Internet Explorer versions:

IE version Additional support for drag and drop
IE9 and earlier DataTransfer object and drag-related events
IE10 draggable HTML element attribute and DataTransfer.files property
Microsoft Edge DataTransfer.items property, and the DataTransferItemList and DataTransferItem objects


Starting with Microsoft Edge, you can now retrieve, add and remove data from the underlying drag and drop data store through the DataTransferItemList provided by the DataTransfer.items property.

The legacy drag and drop model is still supported and has been updated for Microsoft Edge, with full MIME type support for string data with the getData and setData methods.