Table object model consistency

To improve consistency between Windows Internet Explorer and other browsers, the IE9 Standards mode includes several changes to the table object model.

  • Extra thead and tfoot elements do not appear in the tBodies collection.
  • The rows collection has a different ordering. First, it includes any rows in the thead element, then all remaining rows that are not in the tfoot element, and then any rows in the tfoot element, regardless of their order in the document.
  • A call for rows returns all rows at all depths within the table, including direct row children of the table.
  • The getElementsByTagName and HtmlElement.children methods do not return comment nodes.

Your application might encounter script errors that are minor, that keep pages from loading, or that create content that is not intended because of changes to the table object model.

If your code works in other browsers, it should work in Windows Internet Explorer 9.

If you have not tested your code in other browsers, you might need to update your code to work with IE9 mode. Test your code by using the Internet Explorer Developer Tools to find and fix problems.

Alternatively, you can force Internet Explorer to use IE8 Standards mode and use the same behavior as Windows Internet Explorer 8.

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