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attachEvent method

[IHTMLDocument3::attachEvent is no longer supported. Starting with Internet Explorer 11, use IEventTarget::addEventListener. For info, see Compatibility changes.]

Binds the specified function to an event, so that the function gets called whenever the event fires on the object.


 retVal = object.attachEvent(event, pDisp);


  • event [in]
    Type: BSTR

    BSTR that specifies any of the standard DHTML Events.

  • pDisp [in]
    Type: IDispatch

    Pointer to an IDispatch interface that specifies the function to call when event fires.

Standards information

There are no standards that apply here.


When event fires on the object, the object's event handler is called before pDisp, the specified function. If you attach multiple functions to the same event on the same object, the functions are called in random order, immediately after the object's event handler is called.

The IHTMLDocument3::attachEvent method enables a behavior to handle events that occur on the containing page. This method is not limited, however, to behaviors. You can also define a function on a page that attaches to events fired on the same page.

Behaviors that attach to events using the IHTMLDocument3::attachEvent method must explicitly call the IHTMLDocument3::detachEvent method to stop receiving notifications from the page when the ondetach event fires.

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