RegisterMimeFilter method

Registers a temporary pluggable MIME filter on the current process.


HRESULT retVal = object.RegisterMimeFilter(pCF, rclsid, pwzType);


  • pCF [in]
    Type: IClassFactory

    The address of an IClassFactory interface where an IInternetProtocol object can be created.

  • rclsid [in]
    Type: REFCLSID

    A reference to the CLSID of the MIME handler.

  • pwzType [in]
    Type: LPCWSTR

    A string value that contains the MIME to register.


This method registers a pluggable MIME filter only on the current process. No other processes are affected by this method.

An application can register a pluggable MIME filter for a particular period of time so that it can handle requests for some MIMEs by calling IInternetSession::RegisterMimeFilter. This method can be called multiple times by using the same interface to register the different MIME types it can handle.