Read method

Tells the property bag to read the named property into a caller-initialized VARIANT.


HRESULT retVal = object.Read(pszPropName, pVar, pErrorLog);


  • pszPropName [in]

    The address of the name of the property to read. This cannot be NULL.

  • pVar [in, out]
    Type: VARIANT

    The address of the caller-initialized VARIANT that receives the property value on output. The function must set the type field and the value field in the VARIANT before it returns. If the caller initialized the pVar->vt field on entry, the property bag attempts to change its corresponding value to this type. If the caller sets pVar->vt to VT_EMPTY, the property bag can use whatever type is convenient.

  • pErrorLog [in, out]
    Type: IErrorLog

    The address of the caller's error log in which the property bag stores any errors that occur during reads. This can be NULL; in which case, the caller does not receive errors.


The Read method tells the property bag to read the property named in pszPropName to the caller-initialized VARIANT in pVar. Errors are logged in the error log that is pointed to by pErrorLog. When pVar->vt specifies another object pointer (VT_UNKNOWN), the property bag is responsible for creating and initializing the object described by pszPropName.

E_NOTIMPL is not a valid return code, because any object that implements this interface must support the entire functionality of the interface.

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